Dates/khaju Burfi

In this Burfi you won’t end up, only with dates … All dry fruits comes in this Burfi.

From childhood we heard many benefits about dry fruits and in this Burfi we are going to get all the of them.

Dates are good source of fiber , and it had potassium and manganese. Eating one to two dates every day may help prevent cancer, heart disease and many more.

So here we are going to add nuts along with it, and trust me this sugar free or jaggery free Burfi ..

Because dates are naturally sweet.

So let’s get started…


  1. Seedless dates/khajur 400grms
  2. Ghee 2tsp
  3. Poppy seeds/khuskhus 5tsp
  4. Chopped almonds 10 to 15
  5. Chopped cashews 10 to 15
  6. Chopped pistachios 10 to 15
  7. Cardamom powder 1tsp


Add all the dates in a blender and blend the dates into course paste without adding water.

Heat the pan add poppy seeds fry then untill the raw smell goes and keep aside.

Now in the same pan add 1tsp of ghee and add all chopped nuts, fry untill it turn golden brown. Then keep aside.

In the same pan add 1tsp of ghee then add blended dates, when the dates heat up it leaves bit water at that time add nuts and half of the poppy seeds then cardamom powder. Fry for 5min .

Transfer into plate allow it cool .

Then make that into cylindrical shape, spread the poppy seeds in a plate and roll the sweet rolls, so that the rolls get coated with poppy seeds.

Refrigerate for 1hr then cut into rolls ( u can even make the balls(laddu) or u can spread into plate and cut it ) it’s all up to u .

And this Burfi you can store for 3 weeks in air tight containers.

Enjoy !! 😊

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