Doodh peda/milk powder peda

This dessert is so easy to make and very delicious to taste.

I still remember how I used to eat this peda in my childhood from near by shops.

This peda is made for many festivals and offer this as “Prasadam”.

Peda’s are traditional sweet.

There are many peda’s in indian dessert and this one is so easy to prepare.


  1. One cup milk powder
  2. Half cup condence milk
  3. Two tsp of ghee
  4. Cardamom powder
  5. Safroon strands
  6. Two tsp milk (optional)
  7. Chopped almonds for garnish


Heat a pan at very low flame, add one tsp of ghee then add milk powder and condensed milk stir continuesly, it forms a thick paste (if it is so thick then add 1tsp of milk) now add cardamom powder and stir continuesly till the paste separate from pan .

Now add another 1tsp of ghee.

Don’t make so thick like a rubber .. when it leave the pan switch of the flame.

Leave for 5 min. Then take one spoon size of paste and give a round shape .

And garnish with almond and safroon strands.

Leave it for sometime and Gulp them 😊

Tip: the whole process should be done in very low flame.

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