Phirni 💚

Phirni is a classic indian sweet pudding from north india, this creamy dessert is very easy to make.

And it’s is served in small earthern/clay pot also called “Matka” or “Shikoras”.


  1. Milk 500ml
  2. Sugar 100grams
  3. Rice one small cup
  4. Cardamom powder 1tsp
  5. Almond flakes few
  6. Few saffron strands infused in milk few


Rinse basmati rice/masoori rice in running water and soak for 30min

Now after 30min drain the water and transfer rice into blender and blend untill smooth paste.

Heat 500ml of milk in a heavy based pan and bring it to boil, let it be in medium flame.

When it’s starts boiling add rice paste, then reduce the flame to low and cook continuously stirring untill the mixture of rice turns creamy or slightly thick, continue this for 5 minutes.

After it turns thick add sugar, cardamom powder and saffron strands along with milk that socked, cook untill sugar dissolves completely. Simmer for 5mins more then switch off the gas.

If you are using clay pot make sure that you soak them in water for overnight, then wash the bowls nicely before using it.

Pour the phirni over the serving bowl, then allow to set in the fridge for 1 hour or so.

Garnish with almond flakes and enjoy.

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