Garlic chutney pudi/powder

Garlic is something that I love in my kitchen.

And there are many health benefits of garlic, it can combat sickness, including common cold and cough. The active compounds in garlic can reduce blood pressure.

Even though we know many benefits of garlic we can’t use for daily cooking , so here I’m showing how to prepare Garlic chutney powder/pudi.

This pudi we can serve with hot rice, dosa, idly, chapathi’s and even it goes well with curd rice.

Garlic chutney powder is almost same as curry leaves chutney powder but measurement are different.


  1. Half cup gram dal/chana dal
  2. Half cup urad dal
  3. Curry leaves half cup
  4. Chopped garlic 1 cup
  5. Grated Dry coconut 2 cup
  6. Hing/asafoetida
  7. Salt
  8. Tamarind one small lemon size
  9. Byadagi dried red chillies 8
  10. Guntoor dried red chillies 8
  11. Jaggery 2tsp
  12. Oil 2tsp
  13. Mustard seeds 1tsp


In a Medium flame dry roast gram dal keep aside.Then dry roast urad dal in the same pan, keep aside. Make sure they turn golden brown colour.

In the same pan add dry coconut and roast for few minutes. Keep aside

Next add curry leaves roast them nicely untill it becomes crunchy.

Now in the same pan add 2tsp oil, once it is heated add mustered seeds when it’s start making sound add hing add chopped garlic allow it to turn golden brown.

Then add both chillies and tamarind, roast them until it became warm.

Allow all the ingredients to cool completely.

Once it’s cool down, add all the roasted items in a blender along with jaggery and salt.

Blend them into semi coarse powder. Once it’s cool down then transfer into air tight container.

You can store this for 10 days and if it is refrigerated it will be there for 25days.

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