Heere kai dosa/chatti , ridge gourd dosa

This dosa is one of the best, flavourful dosa I can tell u guys . . .

Trust me !! Once you taste this and everytime when you see ridge gourd u fall for dosa.

This dosa came from south Canara. You can even replace this with egg plant, spinach too.

You can enjoy this for breakfast or evening snack. Heere kai dosa also called as “Heere kai Chatti”

Here is the recipe…


  1. Ridge gourd 2
  2. Jaggery 5tsp
  3. Byadagi dried red chillies 8
  4. Guntoor dried red chillies 8
  5. Urad dal 2tsp
  6. Chana dal 2 and half tsp
  7. One gooseberry size tamarind
  8. Salt as per your taste
  9. 10 to 15 curry leaves
  10. Coriender seeds 3tsp
  11. Rice 1and half cup soaked
  12. Shreded Coconut 5 tsp
  13. Oil for roasting


Rinse and soak rice for 4hrs or over night

Wash the ridge gourd and remove the skin of the gourd. Now cut the ridge gourd into thin round shape slices (the thickness should be around 2mm not more then the that)

Sock the tamarind for 30min in 50ml of water.

Now heat the pan dry roast urad dal, chana dal and coriander seeds one by one untill it turns golden brown colour.

In the same pan add 1 tsp on oil when it’s heated add red chillies fry until it’s roasted then add curry leaves fry untill it turns crunchy.

Now take a mixer jar add drained rice and all roasted ingredients along with tamarind water, shredded coconut salt and jaggery.

Now grind all the ingredients untill it turns into smooth paste.

Heat the pan or tawa. Add some oil and spread all over. Now dip each Ridge gourd slices into batter, place them on tawa to form a dosa. As shown in the picture

Once u placed every slice, add oil on top of it and close the lid for 2min then open the lid again flip the dosa and add some oil on top of it, cook other side of dosa for 2min.

You don’t want any side dish for this because it holds so much flavour in it itself

Serve hot. šŸ˜Š

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