Mangalore Buns/ Banana Buns

Mangalore Buns is one of the easy and sweet buns prepared with ripe bananas.

These buns is popular in Mangalore-Udupi side. They often prepared for breakfast or like evening snacks.

Like other poori’s this Buns don’t absorb much oil. They are super soft, delicious and fluffy.

So let’s start with the recipe …


  1. Maida / all purpose flour 2 and half cups
  2. One fully ripe banana
  3. Pinch of baking soda (optional)
  4. Yogurt /curd half cup
  5. Powder sugar half cup (depends on banana sweetness)
  6. Pinch of salt
  7. Jeera half tsp
  8. Oil for deep fry


Take one large bowl add banana mash them nicely without any bits in that.

Now in the same bowl add sugar powder, salt, curd and jeera then mix thoroughly so that it has to look like paste.

Then add maida/ all purpose flour to the paste and mix it. Continue adding flour untill you get the nice dough texture, and cover with wet cotton cloth.

Note: if you are planning to prepare buns for breakfast prepare dough in the night or if you are planning to have for evening snack then prepare the dough in the morning.

Now take lemon size dough roll it to make buns. Make sure it has to be bit thick in size. (2mm thickness)

Now heat the oil nicely, then deep fry the buns one by one. Make sure it has to turn brown both the sides .

Enjoy the hot buns with coconut chutney or sambar.


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