Karnataka Style Mango Pickle

Once summer is started means the king of fruits, “Mango” should seen in every streets.

And many markets are flooded with green raw mangoes, that means it’s perfect time to prepare Mango pickle.

There are many varieties of pickles but for us Mango Pickle is most favourite. It’s popular condiments that adds extra oopmh to every meal.

There are many ways to prepare Mango pickle, but the recipe that’s I’m sharing here is from my mom.

This is our traditional mango pickle, that’s has came from our grand mother to my mom and me. 😊


  1. Round shape raw mangoes 4
  2. Crystal Salt 20tsp
  3. Half tsp of jeera
  4. 1tsp of fenugreek seeds
  5. 5grams of hing/ asafoetida
  6. 20 byadagi dried red chillies
  7. 20 guntoor dried red chillies
  8. 15tsp mustered seeds

For seasoning

  1. 10tsp of oil
  2. 1tsp of mustered seeds
  3. Hing/asafoetida half tsp
  4. Half tsp turmeric powder


Cut all the mangoes in a cube shape

Now take one glass jar (air tight). In this jar first add cut mangoes 15 to 20 pieces then above that add 3tsp of crystal salt, repeat this process till the jar is full for rest of the mango pieces.

And for 4hrs keep this jar under the sun for 5days , because this process helps to keep the pickle good for whole one year.

Now heat one pan dry roast jeera and fenugreek seeds one by one and keep aside.

Now in the same pan switch off the heat, add red chillies along with asafoetida/hing roast them.

Transfer all these roasted ingredients to plate, mustered seeds and keep them under the sun for 4hrs.

Take a mixer jar add all the ingredients and blend nicely. (Make sure there is no water content in the jar)

Now transfer all the mango pieces into the bowl that soaked already for 5 days in the jar, then add the blended spice mix, to the mango pieces and mix nicely with plastic or wooden spoon/spatula.(make sure there is no water content in any of the utensils that we using here)

Now for seasoning add oil once it’s heated add mustered seeds, when it’s start cracking switch off the flame then add hing and turmeric powder then pour the seasoning into pickle, give a nice mixture.

Then transfer the Pickle into the air tight jar and keep that jar under the sun for 6hrs.

Then enjoy the pickle for rest of the months.

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