Mango lassi

Another mango recipe ……

Lassi’s comes in all kind of flavour some will be salty, sweet, minty, spicy and even some have fruits.

And so lassi’s are sucha easy drink … Whenever my heart says something yummy to drink .. lassi comes to my mind .

And yeah !! Half of the Indians are obsessed with lassi’s.

Now I moved to UK so I miss those indian mangoes that I always perticular about.

Whatever mangoes are mangoes! What say ?

Let’s start the recipe . . . .


  1. One ripe mango pulp
  2. Sugar 2tsp
  3. Yogurt 1 cup
  4. Water half cup (optional)
  5. Ice cubes few


In blender add mango pulp, sugar , Yogurt and water (if you think the Yogurt is very thick) two ice cubes then blend nicely .

That’s it, transfer into glass add few ice cubes then serve chilled.

(Many people use cardamom powder, but i don’t like cardamom powder because it breaks the mango flavour, so it’s all up to you guys)

Enjoy 😊

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