Mango Mousse

If I sit to write about mango recipe’s I can go on the whole month, so this will be my last mango recipe.

Mango mousse are another easy creamy flavourful dessert. If there is any guest arriving then this will be the super dessert to make.

The recipe that I am showing here is eggless mousse.

So let’s start with it …


  1. Two mango pulp
  2. 3tsp of sugar
  3. 1 and half tsp of gelation
  4. Half cup water
  5. 3 cup heavy cream
  6. Respberry for garnish
  7. Mint leaves for garnish
  8. Half tsp of lemon juice
  9. Pinch of salt


Whip the cream and keep it aside .

Now in a small pan add mango pulp and add gelatin and mix nicely.

Now heat the pan in very low flame cook the mango puree, sugar, lemon juice, pinch of salt so that sugar and gelatin dissolves completely and hardly it takes 10min.

Switch off the flame then transfer the mixture into big mouth bowl add wipped Cream, gently fold the cream into mango puree, mix nicely untill mixture turns into ribbon consistency.

Pour the mixture into serving bowl or cups then refrigerate for 2 to 3hrs.

Then serve chilled with wipped Cream respberry and mint leaves.

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