Akki Rotti

Akki Rotti is one of the staple breakfast of Karnataka, India. Basically akki means rice and Rotti means flat bread.

These flat bread is made with rice flour.

And akki Rotti is one of my favourite breakfast, when my husband asks for Rotti I will be in joy to prepare that everytime.

Akki Rotti is sucha tasty breakfast and healthy too.

The recipe that I’m sharing here is from my dad, Yes! you guys read it right !! My dad prepares delicious rotti, I still remember how my mom’s friends used to come home just to eat the Rotti that prepared by my dad.

This Rotti doesn’t want any side dish, because it holds all the ingredients, flavours in it .

Akki Rotti can be made thin or thick to suits your taste. Getting them thin and uniform comes out of practice.

I prepare akki Rotti directly patting over the tawa whereas, you can prepares patting over banana leaf, aluminum foil or plastic sheets.

The ingredients that I’m adding here you may think it’s too much, but trust me it turns out very delicious rotti if you add.

So let’s start ..


  1. Rice flour 3cups
  2. Onion 3 finely chopped
  3. Crunchy spring onion
  4. Coriander leaves chopped
  5. Curry leaves chopped
  6. Grated carrots 3tsp
  7. Green chillies chopped 4 to 6
  8. Half cup dill leaves chopped
  9. Half cup fresh grated coconut
  10. 1tsp cumin seeds
  11. Half cup roasted peanut
  12. 2tsp Daria Dal(putani/ kadale pappu)
  13. Salt as per your taste
  14. Water as needed


First Grind the roasted peanuts and Daria Dall then keep aside. (This gives the ultimate taste to our rotti’s)

In a large bowl add all the ingredients except rice flour and water, mix nicely with the hands. Leave aside for 10min.

Then add water little by little and make soft dough. Divide the dough into small size apple.

Then place the divided dough in the centre of the tawa, begin to spread it with your own fingers to make a round roti. (Round shape)

It can be thick or thin to suits your taste. I always make thin rotti’s because we love crunchy.

Make some holes between so that Rotti can absorb oil and cook fast.

Heat the tawa on medium flame, add oil on every holes toast it on both the sides. After 2min flip the Rotti and add some oil to stop dryness and cover the Rotti with lid.

When you see brown spots that means akki Rotti is done.

Another method of making Rotti

Place the divided dough on the leaf or aluminium foil or plastic paper, with your palms or fingers gently pat and flatten the dough to get an round shape rotti and make some holes.

Meanwhile heat the tawa, when tawa gets hot spread some oil on it, Lift the plantain leaf gently and bring it near the tawa.

Now slowly peel/separate the leaf from the flattened Rotti.

Drizzle some oil in the holes and even sides of Rotti edges.

Cover the lid and cook until bottom surface turns golden brown or crisp or for 2 to 3 minutes.

Flip it over and repeat the same process.

Serve hot with butter, ghee or any coconut/peanut chutney if you want to.


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