Schezwan Sauce

Indian Chinese cuisine has bought many innovative, unique, mouth watering and delicious food which most of us love to eat.

In that schezwan Sauce, a fiery hot and spicy sauce made with garlic, ginger and red chillies is a must have condiment with indo-chinese snacks like momos, spring rolls, schezwan noodles, schezwan Maggie and what not !! ?

As my husband is huge fan of indo-chinese food so this sauce is my evening snack time saver for many things.

And always my version of schezwan Sauce will be bit more spicy.

However you can make spicy or tangy or even chatpata according to your taste buds.


  1. Dry Red chillies 50grms
  2. Garlic half cup finely chopped
  3. Ginger half cup finely chopped
  4. Vinegar 2tsp
  5. Soya sauce 2tsp
  6. Tamoto sauce 3tsp
  7. water according to consistancy
  8. Oil 2tsp
  9. Salt 1 and half tsp
  10. Sugar half tsp


If you want to make your sauce more spicy then don’t remove the seeds, if not remove all the seeds from chillies (atleast leave 3 to 4 chillies seeds, to add spicy to the sauce) and soak the chillies for 30min.

Then drain and remove the stems, and in blender grind the chillies nicely with little bit of water.

Heat the pan add 2 or 3tsp oil, add the garlic and ginger first and saute till the raw smell goes, don’t allow to brown them.

Add ground chilli paste and stir, then add half cup of water and adjust the consistency, simmer for 2mins.

Add salt, soya sauce, tamoto sauce, sugar and vinegar mix well.

Cover and simmer for 20min, then cook the sauce till oil floats on top.

Finally, serve sauce with momos or any other chips.

Tips: The more oil you add, the longer sauce will sustain.

Store the sauce in air tight container then can refrigerate for a month.

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