Red grape juice

Summer is here, and this time its more humidity then ever.

So I thought of preparing this grapes juice without any fancy blender or anything.

It’s simple yet tasty and there are lots of health benefits of this grapes.

I’m using red seedless grapes because it’s very sweet. Although you can use black seedless grapes.

Usually there are two types of making grape juice one boiling them and second blending them.

Here I’m sharing the first method because I found that’s it’s quite tasty compare to second method.

So let’s start ..


  1. Red seedless grapes 350grms
  2. One and half tsp of sugar powder
  3. Half lemon juice
  4. 500ml of water


Grapes are the only fruit that farmers use lots of pesticides compare to other fruits so, make sure you wash the grapes and rinse Atleast 3 to 4 times before using it.

Heat 500ml of water and add grapes then boil for 15 to 20 minutes.

Once grapes boiled completely mash nicely with masher then staring the juice.

Now again keep that juice on a flame, add sugar powder and boil for only 2minutes. Then switch off the flame and add lime juice.

Allow the juice to cool completely, then refrigerate for 30min or add ice cubes and severe chilled.

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