Karjikai/karanji and fried modaka

There are many dishes that we prepare for Ganesha chaturthi, after modaka here it’s another favourite sweet for Ganesha , karjikai/kargadubu/karanji 😊

So today I prepared karjikai and modaka because for both ingridents are same, but different in shapes.

You can fill the sweet inside the same coconut and Jaggery mix, as I showed in my last post, but today I made panchakajjaya (5 ingredients mix)

Ingredients for panchakajjaya

  1. Half cup dariya gotta(hurgadle) 1/2 cup
  2. Sesame seeds 2 spoons
  3. Cardamom pods 3
  4. Jaggery half cup grated
  5. Dry coconut half cup

Ingredients for dough

  1. Fine semolina (chiroti rava) 2cup
  2. Maida 1 tsp
  3. Pinch salt
  4. 5 tsp hot oil
  5. Oil for deep fry

Method for making a dough

In a wide bowl add rava, maida and salt mix well mix well. Now heat 5tsp of oil (it should be very hot) then pour oil in the rava and maida knead very well for 10min without adding water.

Then add water little by little, it should be like poori dough. Cover the dough and allow it to rest for 1 and half hours.

Method for making panchakajjaya

In a mixer jar add all the ingredients that I have mentioned above except jaggery.

Once they ground well add jaggery and grid just for 3sec. Transfer the panchakajjaya into another bowl and mix well.

Method for making karikadubu

Open the rested dough and kneed well, and divide the dough into small lemon sized balls.

Using a rolling pan , roll the balls into thin discs. Now place 1tsp or 1 and half tsp of stuffing in the middle of the discs .

For edges add little water with the help of your fingers. Fold it and seal the edges . Make sure that you sealed it well. You can use moulds if you want to.

Or use a fork as I used, press the edges and seal it properly.

Make some 6 karikadubu and deep fry it, ( heat a oil in high flame, and reduce it to medium flame )

Flip the karikadubu after 2min, once both the sides turns golden brown it’s ready.

Store the karikadubu in air tight container.

Method for making fried modaka

Take a small ball of dough, roll thinly into circle of 3-4 diameter.

Take gently those discs on your palm, add stuffing in the centre.

Pinch the edges on by one by one, bring all all the pinched folds in the centre.

Now deep fry the modaka till it turns golden brown colour.

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