Kashi Halwa

Kashi Halwa / Ash Gourd Halwa / kusamanda Halwa .. 😊

One of the easiest and my husband’s most favourite halwa.

This halwa is most popular in Udupi side, and it’s always seen in most of the brahmin’s house functions. But now this halwa has become famous all over south India.

This halwa takes very less time to prepare compare to carrot/gajar halwa. Sugar caramelized into ash gourd and gives amazing taste.

Just for a change I added home made khoya/mava that I prepared with milk powder, it’s completely optional, but if added taste more wonderful.

Any how the original recipe doesn’t contain khoya, however it’s all up to you.


  1. 1kg ash gourd grated
  2. Sugar 1 and half cup
  3. Saffron 1/4 tsp soaked in little bit of warm water
  4. 10 cashews nuts
  5. Khoya/mava 2tsp (optional)
  6. 1/4 tsp cardamom powder
  7. 1/4 cup ghee


Firstly grate ash gourd, make sure to remove the skin.

Ash gourd contain lots of water just like watermelon, so when we grate them we get lot of water. So if you want to keep water and prepare halwa it’s takes long time to dissolve.

So I recommend to remove all water from grated ash gourd, by squeeze in hands.

Take a large kadai/pan once it’s heated add 1tsp of ghee , add cashews fry untill it turns golden brown in colour, then keep it aside.

Now in the same kadai add some more ghee then add grated ash gourd. Fry nicely till the raw smell of ash gourd goes. It takes some 10min.

Then add sugar and saffron along with water, mix well till the sugar dissolves completely. Now make the flame low and allow to boil the halwa for 10min more.

Till that the sugar syrup caramelized, simmer the flame so that the syrup absorbed completely.

Once it’s absorbed add ghee, mava and cardamom powder then mix well.

Mix well till the ghee starts to release from sides .

Now add cashews with one tsp of ghee and give the last mix. That’s it, halwa is done.

Note If you want, you can use water of ash gourd having early in the morning, empty stomach. That has more health benefits.

Many people add different artificial colours to halwa, something like green or red or orange or even yellow colour. I added natural colour here. So it’s all people choices.


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