Moong dal Laddu

Festival season is here, means time for sweet dishes.

First .. Happy Navaratri 😊 to all 😊

Navaratri is 9 days of vratha that we offer our prayers to goddess Durga.

So today I present to you a classic Indian sweet dish that is, quick to make , heavy in protein and afcose delicious.

Moong dal laddu is classic Indian sweet dish that prepared with least efforts, no fancy ingredients or complicated techniques required.


  1. One cup moong dal
  2. 3/4 cup sugar
  3. Cardamom powder 1tsp
  4. 1/4 cup ghee
  5. Cashews 10


Dry roast the moong dal in a medium flame or untill the fine aroma comes.

Add in the blender and make a fine powder or sand like a consistency and keep aside. In the same mixer jar add sugar and make a fine powder.

In a heavy bottom pan heat the complete ghee and make a flame into low then add moong dal powder and sugar along with cardamom powder. Them mix well. And switch off the flame.

Allow it it cool down or little warm.

Now for making laddu take a small portion of this and then begin to form balls holding it in the fist.

Shape them well if needed melt some ghee and pour it.

Once all laddu’s done. Cool completely and store it in a tight jar.


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