Happy Deepavali to everyone here ❤️

A festival of lights, a festival of happiness and ofcourse a festival of, lots of lots of sweets 💛

So, on my today’s menu I came up with easy dessert, which is prepared using Bengal gram, jaggery and fresh coconut. Hayagreeva or Hayagreeva Maddi, is a rich and traditional, classic dessert.

Hayagreeva is offered everyday to the god of Sri Sode Vadiraja Matt at Udupi.

According to the mythology devotee named Sri Vadirajateertha of Udupi Sri Krishna Mutt, used to offer cooked Bengal gram to lord Hayagreeva. He used to recite the hayagreeva sloka and keep the offering on his head, lord Hayagreeva would come as white horse form and would eat the Bengal gram.

So the Bengal gram and jaggery got the name as Hayagreeva or Hayagreeva Maddi. Even today this dish offered as naivedya or Prasad to god, at vadiraja Matt.

And even we worship lord vadiraja in our house so we often preapre Hayagreeva in our house for every occasion.


  1. One cup chana dal
  2. Water three cup
  3. One cup jaggery
  4. Cardamom powder 1/4 tsp
  5. Cashew nuts 10
  6. Raisins 1tsp
  7. Ghee 2tsp
  8. Freshly grated coconut 4tsp


Pressure cook the chana dal with 3 cups of water for 3 or 4 whistles. Drain off the water from cooked chana dal.

In a kadai take cooked chana dal, add jaggery mix well. Mix well until jaggery melts, make sure the flame in medium.

Mix continuesly until the jaggery melts and thicken. Now add grated coconut and cardamom powder.

In another pan add ghee once it’s heated, roast cashews , raisins. Roast untill golden brown and pour it over the chana dal and jaggery mixture.

Mix untill it turns smooth, if you want you can mash or else let it be like that, I prefer without mashing the dal.

Switch of the flame and serve hot.

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