Guacamole Treats

How about some simple and quick treats with healthy punch in it ???

Rise your hands, if you are a fan of avocados!!

Avocado or butter fruit, we all know how much health benefits this fruit has in it.

And I love avocado in any form, so today to heal my craving on avocado I decided making this simple treat.

Have shared guacamole recipe in my blog already, still I’m sharing it again.

Ingredients for guacamole

  1. Two ripe avocado
  2. Half cup chopped coriander
  3. One medium size chopped onion
  4. One medium size chopped tomato
  5. One lemon juice
  6. One green chilli
  7. Salt

For garnishing

  1. Cherry tomatoes 8 to 10
  2. Few chopped coriander


Mash the avocado nicely, then add chopped onions, coriander, tomato , chopped green chilli(totally optional) lemon juice and salt, mix nicely.

I have taken salted biscuits, you can use cheese and salted biscuits too.

Arrange all the biscuits, take one tsp of guacamole and spread a little, then cut cherry tomatoes into two parts and garnish on guacamole with pinch of chopped coriander.

You can totally skip cherry tomatoes here.

Treats are ready serve right and there , don’t keep it so long.

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