Carrot Halwa in pressure cooker

Carrot Halwa aka gajar ka halwa or indian carrot pudding is one of the desert loved by many.

Delicious, rich and absolutely yummy desert. Usually it is made by grating the carrots and cook for longer time in single pot.

But today I’m sharing the recipe of halwa made in pressure cooker to reduce the cooking time.


  1. Roughly chopped carrots 330grams
  2. Sugar two cup
  3. Ghee half cup
  4. Cardamom powder half tsp
  5. Milk 150ml
  6. Cashews nuts 5 to 8
  7. Pistachio few
  8. Khoya 50grams or condensed milk 8tsp


In a pressure cooker add two tsp of ghee once heated add cashews nuts, and fry for few seconds, once it is turns into golden brown take then out and keep aside. Then add chopped carrots and fry for 1min then close the lid and pressure cook with 4 whistles.

Once the cooker cool down, open the lid and mash the carrots using the hand masher, then switch on the flame into medium flame and add the milk, now allow the milk to reduce completely in the carrots( normally it takes 10 to 15min) once the milk is reduced add sugar, mix very well.

Now sugar will melt and started combining with carrot and milk.

At this moment keep mixing once the sugar is started caramelized with carrot mixture, add khoya or condensed milk and cardamom powder, allow it to cook for 5 more minutes or the halwa become thick .

Then add ghee and fried cashews and give a mix then garnish with chopped pistachio.

Enjoy the carrot Halwa with vanilla ice cream or just as it is 😍

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