Peanut coconut chutney

There are several ways to prepare the peanut chutney recipe, based on region to region.

People do with or without coconut in peanut chutney, I personally prefer this super simple Chutney. Some prefer deskin the peanut before grinding however it’s all upto you, the only difference you will see is in the colour of Chutney, taste will be the same.

And this Chutney is a great accomplishment for dosa, idli, vada, paddu and even taste good with hot rice.


  1. One cup roasted peanuts
  2. Two tsp of fresh coconut
  3. Garlic pod 1(optional)
  4. Tamarind one inch
  5. Salt to taste
  6. Green chillies 5 to 6
  7. Coriander leaves 1tsp or two strand
  8. Water

Ingredients for seasoning

  1. Two tsp of oil
  2. Mustered seeds half tsp
  3. Pinch of hing
  4. Few curry leaves


In a low flame dry roast the peanuts untill aromatic.

One the peanut cool down transfer them into mixer jar then add fresh coconut, tamarind, green chillies, coriander leaves, garlic , salt and as per your consistency add water and make a fine paste.

Transfer the chutney into another bowl and in small pan add oil once heated add mustered seeds half tsp, when seeds crackles add pinch hing, curry leaves, then pour it into Chutney.

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