Tomato Coriander Chutney

After mint and peanut Chutney this, tomato Coriander chutney is my most favourite.

Taste wonderful and aromatic and can enjoy with chapati, dosa, hot rice or idli.

When your taste buds got bored of eating same old chutneys, then try this.

If you got bunch of more coriander leaves please try this and thank me later.


  1. Bunch of fresh coriander leaves
  2. Tomatoes 4 to 5
  3. Oil 2tsp
  4. Peanuts 3/4 cup
  5. Green chillies 5 to 6
  6. Jaggery half tsp
  7. Water half cup


Dry roast the peanuts in low flame until aromatic. Once cool down peel the skin.

Now in another kadai or pan add oil once heated add cumin seeds, when cumin seeds changes the colour into golden brown add chopped tomatoes ( make sure you take ripe tomatoes)in the same pan add bunch of coriander leaves along with stalks( stalks holds fantastic aroma) green chillies, salt and jaggery, cover and cook in low flame until tomato become soft.

Once tomatoes cooked, leave it to cook down.

In the mixer jar add peanuts and make a powder, same mixer jar add the cooked tomatoes and coriander, add water then make a fine paste, along with peanut powder. (Make sure to not add more water, this chutney has to be thick if you are serving with rice or chapati)

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