Nuchinunde/ Dal dumplings

It’s an age old healthy breakfast recipe and Karnataka’s traditional dish.

In Kannada “nucchu” means broken dal and “unde” means balls or dumplings. It can be made with toor dal or chana dal. Here I have used toor dal.

When these dal dumplings steamed it aroma itself was so appetizing. Can eat with coconut chutney or majji ge huli( buttermilk sambar) or just with ghee.

This nuchinunde is another healthy way of adding lentils to our diet, and it is totally guilt free recipe.

Adding dill leaves makes this dumplings more aromatic.


  1. One cup toor dal
  2. Grated coconut 1/4 cup
  3. Green chillies 5 to 6
  4. Ginger one inch
  5. Curry leaves 10 to 15
  6. Dill leaves half cup
  7. Coriander leaves chopped 3tsp
  8. Turmeric powder half tsp
  9. Salt as per taste


Wash and soak toor dal for one hour.

Drain the water and grind the dal coarsely along with green chillies, ginger. Make sure not to add any water.

Transfer it into big bowl, then add all other ingredients like dill leaves, coriander , salt , turmeric powder and mix very well using hands.

Grease the idly plates or any other plate which you use to steam. Take 2 or 3 tsp of mix and make it like over shape ball then arrange it on the idly plates.

Keep this idly plates in a cooker(no whistle) and steam the dumpling for 10 to 15min, in a medium flame then turn off cooker.

Remove the plates from cooker and enjoy the Nuchinunde with Chutney or majjige huli or just simple ghee.


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