Hot chocolate

There is nothing like sipping hot chocolate on winter days.

I enjoy my most of the winters evening with different types of hot chocolates sometimes with a hint of alcohol in it like my favourite Baileys Irish Cream or just a simple basic one.

Hot chocolate are easy to do with in 5min it can be get ready.

Now I’m sharing the basic and very easy hot chocolate recipe.


  1. Milk one and half cup
  2. Dark chocolate 30grams
  3. Corn flour 1tsp
  4. Vanilla essence 1tsp
  5. Sugar 1 and half TSP
  6. Sparkles (any)
  7. Whipped cream


In a saucepan add milk and chopped dark chocolate, i have taken 70% dark chocolate, you can choose 100% it’s all up to you.

Heat the saucepan and keep steering untill the chocolate melts then add corn flour, once you add corn flour the hot chocolate started getting thick so keep steering.

When hot chocolate started getting thick add sugar and venilla essence, adding sugar is totally upto you or up to the sweetness of the chocolate that you took.

Once the sauce getting thick switch off the flame. And transfer into your favourite mug then garnish with whipped cream and any of your favourite sparks on top of it.

Happy Holidays ♥️

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