Carrot Halwa/Gajar ka Halwa

Carrot halwa is a Indian pudding made with fresh carrot, milk , sugar and lots of ghee. Mostly made in the times of festivals, celebrations or house parties.

I have already shared Carrot Halwa using pressure cooker and without khoya, now I’m sharing slow cook carrot halwa and instant khoya recipe also.

There are three different ways to make halwa, first one using whole milk method, second one using condensed milk and third one using khoya. Today I’m sharing the last method.

I personally prefer carrot halwa that made with khoya it gives amazing taste then condensed milk or whole fat milk.

My mom always used to make carrot halwa with normal carrot because we are South Indians and we don’t get Delhi Carrots that much, but recently i came across how delicious it will be if carrot halwas are made with RED DELHI CARROTS from my friend.

Most Indian households make carrot halwa during the winters as Carrots are in season. Now a days we get these Delhi Carrots everywhere.

To cook perfect Gajar ka Halwa the only key is “patience”. Yes!! It takes time , but it’s all worth of it.


Most of the Indian sweets calls for khoya or mawa. Many times we don’t get khoya, so here I’m sharing the recipe of quick/instant khoya recipe using milk powder and cream.
Making of mawa hardly takes 10min or less then that.

Ingredients for Khoya
  1. Milk powder half cup
  2. Milk half cup
  3. Butter
  4. Cream 4tsp
  5. Ghee half tsp


In a non stick pan add butter , milk and cream and switch on the flame to lowest value mix everything then add milk powder, again mix everything without any lumps .
Keep steering untill it start forming thick in consistency (now increase the flame to medium)   Once the consistency gets thick like above clip add ghee and turn off the flame , khoya is ready .

Ingredients for Halwa
  1. One kg Delhi Carrots/normal carrots
  2. Sugar 500grams
  3. Khoya
  4. Milk half litre
  5. Cardamom powder half tsp
  6. Ghee 250grams
  7. Cashew nuts few


Wash and grate the carrots or can grate them using food processor.

In a heavy bottom pan add 5tsp of ghee once heated add cashew nuts fry untill golden in colour then keep aside.

In the same pan add grated carrots fry untill the raw smells goes, or fry for 15min.

Add milk now cover and cook the carrot or untill the milk evaporated. Then add sugar.
Sugar will release lot of moisture and make entire halwa gooey again. So cook untill moisture evaporates.

Then add the khoya and 4tsp of ghee mix well for 5 to 8min , again the khoya will release moisture. If you want to keep the moisture , at this point just add powdered cardamom powder and ghee then turn off the flame.

Or keep sauteing untill complete moisture evaporates. At the end fried cashew nuts, cardamom powder and remaining ghee salute well for last one minute.

Serve warm or chilled with ice cream.