Tomato Soup

In the ocen of soups I still love old classic Tomato soup because of its tangy and sweet flavour.

Everytime I visit farmer’s market I make sure to buy rich red vine tomatoes for my soup. You can use normal apple Tomatoes/ hybrid as well.

Winter or rainy evenings are the best time to sip a bowl full of soup and watch FRIENDS on TV.

The recipe I’m sharing today is simple restaurant style soup and to enhance the colour I have added small half cup of beetroot anyway you can skip this, but adding beet to soup not only gives colour, it’s increase the taste and good for health also.


  1. Tomato 4 chopped
  2. Butter 3tbsp
  3. Ginger one tbsp chopped finely
  4. Garlic one tbsp chopped finely
  5. Sugar 1tbsp
  6. Tomato Ketchup 1tbsp
  7. Salt 1tbsp
  8. Corn flour 2tbsp
  9. Small Beetroot half chopped finely
  10. White pepper powder half tsp
  11. Water 500ml


In heavy bottom pan add butter once it starts melting add garlic and ginger fry for 2min. Then add chopped tomatoes, chopped beetroot, pepper powder along with salt.

Cover and cook until tomatoes and beetroot softens once softens add sugar, tomato ketchup then add water.

Now allow it to bubble boil nicely for 3min.

Then using strainer strain the soup and mash very well or squeeze well using spoon on above part.

Now add cornflour water (add half cup of water to cornflour and mix well)to the soup. switch on the flame and bring soup into nice boil.

When soup started to boil it leaves a white layer on the above, remove that layer so that soup looks beautiful and tasty.

That’s it . The simple soup is ready. Enjoy with fried bread pieces or some dried basil leaves.


  • Straining the soup is optional, as I already mentioned it is a restaurant style soup so it has to be thin and creamy.
  • If you don’t want to strain the soup means you can grind it in mixer or hand blender but tomato seeds gives little bitter in taste so I prefer straining.
  • Can add pinch of red food colouring insted of beetroot.


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