Tindora Methi Fry

Tindora also know as ivy gourd, little gourd, baby water millions.

It is a small green colour vegetable, that looks like a baby cucumber and crunchy.

Tindora Methi (Fenugreek) fry, one of the easy to make side dish for rasam, dal or roti. Even goes well with hot steam rice.

There are many variations to this recipe accorss various states in India depending on the region.

I’m sharing the simple recipe.


  1. Tindora 200grams
  2. Peanut 2tsp
  3. Kashmiri red chillies 6 to 8
  4. Tamarind one inch
  5. Fenugreek seeds 1tsp
  6. Coriander seeds one and half tsp
  7. Cumin seeds 1tsp
  8. Sesame seeds one and half tsp
  9. Channa Dal one and half tsp
  10. Urad dal 1tsp
  11. Turmeric powder half tsp
  12. Curry leaves few
  13. Oil 3tsp
  14. Salt to taste


Slice the tindora vertically into 4 parts.

Heat the pan in low flame, and dry first roast the peanuts and add every other ingredients like sesame seeds, channa dal, cumin seeds, Fenugreek seeds, coriander seeds, urad dal, red chillies. (make sure the flame is low) roasting every ingredients in low flame is the key for this recipe.

Once it is cool down, transfer into mixer grinder jar along with tamarind. Make a fine powder.

In the pan add oil, once heated add chopped Tindora , turmeric powder and salt. Fry for 3min then cover and cook untill Tindora is done 80% now add the masala powder, curry leaves mix well and fry for 5min. Now close the lid and cook completely, if the fry is sticking to the pan add two or three tsp of water.

Once the Tindora is cooked switch off the flame and enjoy .