kesar Pistachio Kulfi

Everyone loves ice cream and kulfi is the Indian version. The process of making kulfi is very different than regular ice creams.

It takes so much of time because it’s made by heated full-fat milk until it reduces to about one-third of the volume. This makes thick creamy mixture which will be flavoured with different ingredients.

And that thick creamy mixture is poured into desired shape moulds as here I used earthenware pots called “Matka”

There are different ways to make kulfi, for flavour I used Kesar/ saffron strands and pistachios.

Traditional flavours include mangoes in season, cardamom, rose essence and many more.

Now it is summer and it’s the best time to enjoy kulfi and ice creams.


  1. Whole milk 1ltr
  2. Heavy cream 1 cup
  3. Sugar one cup
  4. Saffron pinch
  5. Pistachios 2/3 cup


Soak saffron stands in 2tsp of milk and keep aside for 20min.

Put the milk to boil in a heavy bottom pan. Once it comes to boil, lower the flame and add soaked saffron along with milk. Let the milk get thicken. Keep mixing and stir the thickened milk that stuck at the edges of the pan. It will take at least one hours to thicken have patience and cook.

Then add cream, sugar and continue to stir milk regularly.

Now add pistachios and mix well.

Milk should continue to simmer at the low heat.

All these processes take 1 and a half hours then milk will reach the desired thickness and changes the colour.

Check the consistency of the milk. It should be thick.

Let the mixture cool completely.

Pour the mixture into kulfi moulds or any desired moulds, put them in the freezer for minimum 5 to 8hrs.

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