Pumpkin Spice Latte

The pumpkin spice latte is a coffee drink made with a mix of traditional autumn spice, and it is a perfect season to try out all pumpkin recipes.

I’m sharing the star bucks style pumpkin latte, you can use any milk as per your choice and for sweetness, I’m using sugar however you can use honey, maple syrup. This tastes better than store-bought and can be done with easily accessible spices at home.


  1. Pumpkin puree 2tbsp
  2. Milk two cup
  3. Sugar 2tsp or more
  4. Vanilla extract half tsp
  5. Half cup strong coffee
  6. Spice mix
  7. Whipped cream for serving


For the pumpkin puree, you can use store-bought or can make at home. You can make pumpkin puree in advance and use for other recipes too.

I’m using pumpkin puree that I prepared at home.

Peel the skin and chop the pumpkin in chunks, transfer pumpkin chunks into the saucepan, add one and a half cup of water and cover and cook for 10min, then turn off the flame. Once it is cool down switch off the transfer into a mixer grinder and make a smooth paste.

In a saucepan add milk, sugar and pumpkin puree then allow it to boil.

Once it starts boiling add half tsp of vanilla extract and spice mix. Here I’m using nutmeg, ginger and cardamom powder. Add every spice just a dash don’t add too much. Anyhow if you prefer more flavour of spices then you can add more.

Cook for 1min, then add half cup strong coffee (expresso ) and mix well.

Serve hot with whipped cream and pinch of spice on the top.

You can do the same thing with a cold version just add ice cubes.

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